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Not your average medical billing company - we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Below, are our standard services, however, we are known for going above and beyond for our clients - assisting with becoming In Network Providers, developing Policies & Procedures, providing guidance based on our experience - upon request.

Verification of Benefits

Accurate, timely, and electronic verifications of eligibility, benefits, and authorizations required.

Claims Processing & Recovery

We submit claims within 72-business hours of receipt and exhaust every avenue before retiring a claim.


Utilization Review

Fill out our form and we'll take care of the rest!

Additional Services

* The services listed below may or may not come with an additional charge.

Patient Invoicing

Upon request, we will invoice patients on your behalf.


We help clients become 

In-Network and negotiate reimbursement rates whenever possible.


We do our best to provide guidance for best practices, polices, & procedures - let our experience be your guide!

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